The Emerge program focus of VPM's Science Matters

May 11, 2022

Daniel McGarvey, Ph.D., is co-lead of 2022 STEM for All Video Showcase

A man checking out some local mussels in the Flint River, GA.
Checking out some local mussels in the Flint River, GA. Credit: Jeremy Monroe (Freshwaters Illustrated). Featured (left-to-right): Denzell Cross; Ayi Ajavon.

Daniel McGarvey, Ph.D, associate professor in the Center for Environmental Studies, is the co-lead in the presentation, “Emerge: Broadening Participation and Leadership in Freshwater Science.” The presentation looks at developing sustained peer-peer and peer-mentor relationships to help recruit and retain underrepresented minority individuals as they pursue careers in the freshwater sciences. McGarvey worked with colleagues from the University of Georgia, UC Berkeley, and Georgia Southern University Foundation.  

VPM takes a look at the The Emerge program and its focus on access, inclusion and equity.  Read more about it at their Science Matters website.

The Emerge program will be part of the 2022 STEM for All Video Showcase, held online May 10 - 17th, and was funded by the National Science Foundation