Site Use Policy

We are an academic field station for researchers, instructors, students and scientific collaborators who may be conducting research or educational activities while your group is onsite. Please remain in the vicinity of buildings, paths, lawns and other maintained spaces. VCU assumes no responsibility for unauthorized access to other parts of the property, and all guests should be aware of minor (ticks, chiggers) and not-so-minor (snakes and deep water) risks associated with being on the premises. Do not disturb the natural environment (plants or animals) or remove anything from the property. 

Per university policy, alcoholic beverages may be served only if a VCU police officer is present at the event. We can facilitate those arrangements but please note that there will be an additional charge for the officer’s time. Also per university policy, the possession or discharge of firearms on VCU property for any reason is strictly prohibited.

Prior to leaving the center, it is your responsibility to throw away all food and beverages, place waste in the appropriate containers onsite (recycle or trash), return furniture to its original configuration and turn off AV equipment. Please leave the space as you found it to avoid the assessment of additional costs for cleaning or repair. 

Do not exceed the speed limit of 15 mph while traveling on our roads. As you exit the center, pull up to the gate and slowly move forward if the gate does not open immediately. Be aware of cyclists on the Capital Trail as you exit the property.