Center for Integrative Life Sciences Education candidates place in competition finals

Oct. 18, 2021

Students presented their research in three minutes or less.

9 people in masks in from of screen saying MTS FINALS

Congratulations to Center for Integrative Life Sciences Education Ph.D. candidates Ann Kee and Chastyn Smith as they placed in the 2021 Three Minute Thesis Competition finals.

Students presented their research in three minutes or less, with topics that included: psychedelics to treat substance use disorder, computers learning to read, and genes that make asthma worse in women.

Hosted by the VCU Graduate School at the James Branch Cabell Library, the finialists were:

First place: Josly Pierre-Louis (Improving Cancer Treatment by Targeting the Toxic Side Effects of Radiation Therapy)

Second place & People’s Choice Award: Ann Kee (One Mean Gene: How P2X3 Makes Asthma Worse in Women)

Third place: Chastyn Smith (Helping Solve “Whodunnit”: Determining the Number of Contributors in a Sample Earlier in the Forensic Workflow)