Research Facility

The 14,000-square-foot Rice Rivers Center Research Facility dramatically enhances researchers’ ability to conduct their work on-site and facilitates new collaborations.

Researcher teams now have needed space and support facilities such as an environmental chemistry analysis laboratory and a geospatial data analysis laboratory. Meeting space also is provided for idea-sharing and regular lectures by guest scientists and environmental managers. The single-story building provides space for VCU faculty and staff focused primarily on river and wetland research.


To reserve the research facility, please contact the Rice River Center by email at

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Exterior/Main Entrance

The 14,000-square-foot research facility includes offices, collaborative/teaching spaces and state-of-the-art research laboratories.

exterior view of the rice rivers center research facility

Wet/Dry Labs

The new research facility features abundant wet and dry labs where researchers can spread out and do their work.

inside of a sparkling new research facility with polished stainless steel everywhere

Open Classroom

Open, collaborative spaces occupy most of a wing of the new facility.

a modern classroom with lots of windows overlooking a verdant setting

Collaborative Spaces

The spaces will be ideal for small groups, whether they are students, faculty or visiting scholars, to take over an area and dig into their work together.

a meeting room with tables and chairs

Teaching Lab

A teaching lab will allow for classes to meet in a setting that weds research and instruction, and they will have quick access to study spaces and tools.

modern and clean white lab space with large table and multiple chairs

Individual Student Spaces

Student researchers will be able to set up their own spaces to keep samples and supplies.

a room with a desk, chairs and whiteboards

Exterior Entrance to Bays

Three bays provide critical transition spaces.

three bay entrances on the outside of the rice rivers center research facility

Bay Storage Space

Storage space in each bay is devoted to research equipment, and vehicles can be easily backed up to the bays to load the equipment for fieldwork.

storage space in a bay with multiple cabinets and bins

View to Wet/Dry Lab from Bay

Field biologists returning to the lab will use the bays to clean off before entering the clean lab space.

a storage space in a bay entrance opening up into a wet-dry lab