Atlantic Sturgeon

VCU Rice Rivers Center and sturgeon research

The Virginia Sturgeon Restoration Team is located at the center. Many of the sturgeon caught and tagged are in the waters just off the pier.

Matt Balazik hold baby sturgeon in a container. He is on a boat and a pier can be seen in the background.

The James River: America’s founding river

The waterway nurtured the early Jamestown settlement and has made Richmond a thriving River City.

James River from the air, looking toward Richmond

Atlantic Sturgeon in the James River

In 2012, Atlantic Sturgeon in the Chesapeake Bay were listed as federally endangered but due to restoration efforts, the population is growing. 

A sturgeon breaches from the James River while a person watches from a boat

Sturgeon facts

Learn more about these prehistoric creatures.

Close-up of a sturgeon with a person's gloved hand in the water gently holding it

Sturgeons on the move

Want to learn where the Atlantic Sturgeon are and get real-time updates on our research? Follow the James River Sturgeon and Rice Rivers Center Facebook pages. 

A map of where sturgeon are in the James River

A day in sturgeon restoration.

An insider's view from the VCU Rice Rivers Center boat, as Dr. Matt Balazik and members of the Atlantic Sturgeon Restoration Team catch, tag, and release an Atlantic Sturgeon.


Alert us

If you notice a dead sturgeon on the river, please contact VCU at (804) 827-0236 or email