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Society for Ecological Restoration launched at VCU

March 16, 2016

In January, graduate students in the Center for Environmental Studies and Biology at VCU collaborated to create a new VCU student association centered on the theme of ecological restoration. Dubbed SER@VCU, the group is now an official student chapter of the Society for Ecological Restoration, an internationally-recognized leader in promoting the practice and advancement of ecological restoration.

SER@VCU is the eleventh student association to form worldwide and the first in Virginia. Through organizing workshops, lectures and discussions, documentary screenings, field trips, and initiating both short- and long-term restoration projects, SER@VCU hopes to foster undergraduate and graduate student interest and education in the field of restoration ecology, promote skills and experience acquisition for students and community members, and facilitate networking between researchers, practitioners, and students in the mid-Atlantic region.

At the regional SER Mid-Atlantic chapter conference on March 14-15, VCU graduate students Melissa Davis and Joseph Morina, as well as undergraduate senior Christopher Gatens, presented original research from the ongoing wetland restoration project at the VCU Rice Rivers Center. Gatens received the special honor of first prize for his poster documenting an ongoing historic tree stump and wetland community modeling study at the Rice Rivers Center.

It was the first time representatives from VCU have presented research at the conference, and was an excellent opportunity to represent VCU and the Rice Rivers Center within a major organization in the regional restoration community.

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