About us

About us

"At Rice Rivers Center, the primary focus is research: research that can be used to inform environmental policy, and that research ranges widely from conservation biology to water quality to environmental technology. We ask, 'How can we take good science and apply it to good policy?'"

Garman, RRC, director

Greg Garman, Ph.D.
VCU Rice Rivers Center
Virginia Commonwealth University

The Virginia Commonwealth University Rice Rivers Center is a field station devoted to environmental research, teaching and public service.

Our renowned faculty and collaborations with environmental agencies make us a research leader in river ecosystem science. We seek solutions to pressing resource issues vital to society and the natural environment.

Located on 360 acres along the historic James River, midway between Richmond and Williamsburg, Virginia, we are in the heart of diverse aquatic and terrestrial habitats. The grounds and research facilities provide an ideal gathering place for scientists, educators and resource managers.

Students from different disciplines come for field-based instruction, often working on studies led by faculty and affiliated research partners. We develop young scholars to be the next generation of environmental professionals.


Our vision

The vision of the VCU Rice Rivers Center is to be internationally recognized for its academic programs focused on scientific research, education and public outreach, and for informing public policy related to river ecosystems, their watersheds and the conservation of species that inhabit those watersheds.